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What are the prerequisites for HMail Creator?
You need a windows system with internet connection and .Net 4.0 pre-installed. You can get .net 4.0 for free by just searching for it in google.

How many computers can i Install HMail Creator on?
You can install HMail Creator on 1 computer. Once a month you can request a reset of your license so that you can install it on a different computer.

Where do I get proxies and what kind of proxies work best with HMail Creator?
We strongly recommend that you get private proxies for best results. You can use public proxies but they are commonly overused and will result in much lesser success rate. Should you want to use public proxies then make sure these are "https" proxies. Once you buy HMail Creator you will receive a Getting started document that explains where you can find https proxies.

What captcha services do you support?
Next to manual captcha input we accept DeathByCaptca, Decaptcher and Bypass Captcha. There is a possibility to use Captcha sniper but success rate will be significantly lower.

What Should I do if the software doesn't work?
We take every effort to ensure that HMail Creator works great on every system. Should you notice that HMailCreator doesn't work for you when you first buy it we recommend you ask for a refund within 48 hours of initial payment. Should you notice that HMail creator stops working some time after you bought it, just send us a short message with what exactly isn't working and we'll take a look at what has changed in outlook.