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Don't buy hotmail accounts ! HMail Creator isn't just a Hotmail Account Creator. It can create accounts from several different Email providers. All Quality SEO Campaigns need mail accounts and HMail Creator does exactly that. Create several mail accounts in a matter of minutes with HMail Creator, then pick your formatting with HMail Formatter for your SEO software, import your mail accounts and get things started in no time !

Feature rich Mail account creator

Multi-Threading allows you to create several accounts simultaneously. Proxy-support allows you to use multiple IP's. Captcha-Solving-Support gives you the power to add your prefered third party service. HMail Creator generates usernames and passwords without your intervention. All this while simulating human input behaviour.

Multiple Email providers

Several email providers to pick from in order to create accounts. If one is down, there are still others to create accounts from while we fix the changes.

Free HMail Formatter

HMail Formatter allows you to format your created accounts to get them ready for your favorite SEO tools such as GSA Search Engine Ranker

Ridiculous low price

Why would you trust anyone who asks a one off-price for software that needs constant updating? There have been plenty applications that offered one time payments only to dissapear a short time after payment. Hmail Creator has a very small monthly price and commits itself to stay up to date. You can cancel your payment any time.

Zero Risk

We have a 48 hour full refund policy after initial purchase. If you are not happy with the software for any reason or should the software not work as you expect then you can ask for a refund within 48 hours of initial purchase and you'll just get your money back.

Raving Reviews

All of our beta testers have been very positive about HMail Creator. There are lots of positive reviews. Here are just a few randomly chosen by the following users: James Hilton, Rodol and Nirose.

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